My New Favorite Study Aid: “Bacterionomicon”

I always say that everyone has a different style of learning.  For example, some people would swear that sketchy is the key to success. Personally, I’m not a fan of sketchy. I just find the illustrations too….well not connecting? I’m just not a fan of the illustrations and they don’t stick with me. Again, I am just talking about my own experiences.

I say all this because I came across the company with products that seem to be up my alley. The company is Nerdcore Medical. To be honest, I don’t know how popular or big their products are. I say that because I have never heard of them from any of my colleagues. I just happen to find them while searching the web. They are the creators of “Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma” which is a card game where I guess there are two sides: the bacteria or the antibiotics. I cannot fully explain the game because I didn’t want to spend money on a game where I might not even find people to play with, but the concept has struck a chord with me. Mainly each bacteria and antibiotic is given a character like you would see in a fantasy video game. Because of this, I decided to buy the “Bacterionomicon”, a book with each page dedicated to the character in the card game.

Before I continue I must emphasize, I am not like an affiliate or anything. I just simply love the product. First off, the artwork is just amazing. It actually made me think of my…”WoW” days… Yeah, I’m not too proud of that. Anyway, they also did a clever job of tying in all the relevant information of the bacteria and antibiotics like how they distinguished between gram + and gram -. Because this product ties in with my actual interests and hobbies, I find it a lot easier to remember the content as compared to something like sketchy where it just seems kind of random. Now I just wish they would do something like this for other medically relevant material. Imagine Pathoma but with fantasy characters representing them… Even if such a thing gets made, too bad Step is just around the corner for me now. But future students will definitely get a use out of it.

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