Coffee Grounds Review: Starbucks House blend and Organic Yukon

Like many others, I love coffee. It gets me started and going through the day, and it lightens my taste buds with something amazing. As much as I love it, I wouldn’t say I am a connoisseur of coffee by any means. Even just watching the coffee experts on Youtube, I get amazed by all they pick up. To be honest, it almost feels like they make stuff up to sound smart, but that’s just how amazing they probably are. With the said, I do enjoy all forms of coffee I have tried, and I think I tried quite a few: drip, expresso, French dip, nitro, cold, etc etc etc. 

With that said, this quarantine has really made me fall in love with my drip machine at home. Because I can’t/shouldn’t go outside and get coffee by other means, I started using the drip machine more because of the volume I can make. (Yes I know I probably drink way too much coffee for my own good, and I do have plans on cutting down eventually). At least, I am saving money by making coffee at home more often now. With that said, I started to experiment more with various coffee grounds. Due to my current situation, I don’t have a coffee bean grinder with me, though I do agree grinding fresh coffee does make a huge difference. I thought it would be fun to write my experiences down and to keep track of which ones I like and don’t like for various reasons. 

To start off, I decided to go Starbucks Organic Yukon and House Blend. Now, I know many experts would say Starbucks is trash and with that I roll my eyes. Yes, I know there are other better brands out there, but personally I love Starbucks. Sure, maybe to a talented or trained palate, it might suck, but to the majority of people, I think it’s good. I mean there has to be a reason why Starbucks blew up they way they did right? 

The House Blend is easy to find because it literally just has “House blend” written on the bag in bold letters in a gray silvery bag, typical of Starbucks grounds. The Organic Yukon comes differently from that typical silvery bag and in a brownish one, and has a bear and compass on it. 

Anyway, both grounds are medium blends which I guess is the blend that most people like. I always knew I liked it, but after talking to several other people, they tend to agree with medium. I feel I only met one person who likes it darker and that person is probably more of a coffee addict than me. 

To start off, let’s look into the House Blend. Personally, it was like any medium blend I tried. It’s like the one shoes fits all blend where it was bitter but not overpowering, and it works well with creamer and sweetener which is perfect, because I love my creamer and sweetener. I feel like it holds more of a coffee-esque aroma compared to the Folgers I used to drink a lot back in the day. In all honestly, I liked this one quite a bit, but I don’t if it’s worth it at it’s price. Compared to other brands, it was pricier, but quality was roughly the same. On a scale of 0-10, I would say a 6. 

Then we have the Yukon blend, and that was very interesting to say the least. It reminded me of the nitro brews that I had. Let me say, the thing I like about nitro brews is that it feels like I am drinking a beer version of coffee. The blend had this almost alcohol like taste to it. While I disliked it at first, the more I drank it, the more it grew on me. I would say though, it does not pair well with creamer or sweetener, at least the ones I have. However, I feel this is one of the few blends that I wouldn’t mind drinking completely black and I think that is something spectacular to say if that was the purpose one may want. On a scale of 0-10, I would say a 7. 

With that, I just want to say one final remark before I end this. I miss my coffee bean grinder. 

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