It’s Not An Excuse To Nap

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

It might be because I am stressed.

It might be because of my poor habits.

it’s not a problem I drink so much coffee.

And yes my phone can be a distraction.

But I don’t think those things are the cause.

Am I in denial? Of course not. Maybe. Possibly.

Truthfully, I am just in search for an excuse. 

The guilty pleasure that is a nap. 

It’s been so quiet lately.

The windows being open let’s me hear all the birds

And the sound of the little traffic, here and there

A sense of calm soothes my ever busy mind

Before I know it. Before I do anything else,

I’m fast asleep. But not waken by nightmares.

Not waking up in the dark cold and distressed.

No. I finally find that peace of mind that evades me every single night.

I finally find a center where I’m not rolling over checking the numbers that blink on my phone. 

I finally find that sweet taste of freedom that is sung by all the birds who can fly to wherever. 

Yes that is why I search for an excuse.

But no it’s not my habits or the coffee that keep me up. 

It’s not any of those. 

I stay up because I can’t sleep….

But honestly, because I yearn more for a sweet day nap.

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