While All Lives Do Matter, Let’s Tackle One Problem At A Time. Also Don’t Be Racist.

Last night, I heard of the story of Elijah McClain. His story like the many others saddens me and angers me. This month has just been filled with story after story of the police holding and abusing power especially under the influence of their own prejudices. Once again, you have someone who was murdered by the people in the institution that is supposed to protect and serve the community. And I say by the “people in the institution” because it wasn’t the institution itself that did the killing. It was the people using the institution as a reason to manslaughter a fellow human being.

There can be many things said about this, and may have been said and pointed out very articulately. But the question then remains is how do so many people not get it? I see post after post of #alllivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter, and all these bull that people are sprouting in basically to defend their own racism. Ironically, they would be the ones to say first “I’m not racist, I have a black friend”. First off, if you’re using that line, you might be racist. Action speaks louder than words, and for you needing to justify your own actions by claiming some artificial reasoning as to why you’re not racist, then you’re full of crap.

And on the superficial side of things (and I mean very superficial side of things), I can get the reasoning behind the alllives and bluelives, simply that yes all lives including the blue ones matter. People are people, and racism also exists for other nationalities as well including those that are not black. In that sense, we should end all kinds of racism, so ergo all lives matter. That is the most superficial reasoning that I can get because in that sense, I agree. HOWEVER! That isn’t the point of blacklivesmatter. Yes, every single life does matter. BUT the movement is more about that there is a significant portion of racism that exists against black people. It’s not to shrug any other prejudice under the rug. No, those will need to be addressed, but first why not tackle the big elephant in the room? The common saying is that, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Same thing for social change, you got to change one thing to lead change for others. And some social change is better than nothing. Even after that reasoning and the other sound reasonings available, if you don’t get that, then you are either extremely self-centered or racist. End of story.

Now the #bluelivesmatter. Let me just say “piss off”. Same logic of the last paragraph applies, but there’s something extra too. What frustrates me with this movement is that yeah, clearly the police are human too. BUT that’s the thing! They’re human! Yet they’re given so much funding and power that they clearly abused. Furthermore, the amount of training needed for that power is laughable compared to other occupations. In these cases, the police took human lives. They acted as jury and executioner. Yet, did they get punished? No. Even with the ones that are starting to get some kind of punishment, it took protesting and their horrible deeds to come to light. But in other occupation, let’s say physician, punishment for killing someone even by accident can be very severe.  

And I can get the argument that maybe the members of the police force do get trained the wrong way and they do suffer some kind of mental instability due to their job. But if such was the case, all the more reason to dismantle it and rebuild the institution to be better for all, no?

There’s clearly something wrong with the system here and it needs change. It’s just this one like many, people are just too stubborn to allow for any change to occur easily.


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