A Quick Review of Star Wars: Force Collector

A quick read: Star Wars: Force Collector by Kevin Shinick.

Amazon.com: Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Force Collector  (9781368045582): Shinick, Kevin, Foti, Tony: Books

A tale of Karr in his journey to uncover the truth of the Jedi. Karr lives in the post-Order 66 world and the Jedi are only known as fake news. But when Karr has the ability to see the past of objects, he goes out to find what really happened to the Jedi and what he is destined to do with his gifts.

I am a sucker for stories like these, and who isn’t? Most of fairy tales that we grew up with and love revolve around tales of kids setting out their path to find their fate or destiny. It’s a common question/thought we often find ourselves in. Are we meant for this career choice? Am I destined to get find a soul mate? Should I eat that giant piece of cake?

These types of stories entrench us with that sense of adventure to seek out something we yearn. To fight the bad guys and be the heroes. In that basic sense, the story is very similar to the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, they’re also completely different…

If that isn’t enough to spark some interest in reading this, I’d say many fans of the Star Wars Game, the Last Jedi Order may find joy in reading this. There are definitely some parallels in the sense of seeking how one fits with the force, and the balance that must be attained, as well as the answers to the future also lie with the past.

All in all, I was a fan of this quick read. It personally brought some light in these dark times. Maybe, and hopefully I can find my own sense of balance real soon.

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