Thinking about the arts

One thing that seems to be common of people from STEM is the making fun of liberal arts. And I can understand why. It seems trivial for one to spend thousands of dollars to go to an institution to learn about a topic people can excel at without spending the same thousands of dollars. And I guess that can be true of the STEM majors as well, but the difference is possibly the opportunity of careers, then. After all, it’s probably safe to say a career in, let’s say computer science, is more attainable and sustainable than that of painting. But with that said, I envy those who pursued their creative passions. To say, “this is what I like and I’m going to go all out on it”. That is courageous, which often leads to the new. Moreover, I see the value of the arts. Science is what may explain the world, it’s art that makes it pretty. And as I grow older (and more mature I hope, as I often get told I act like a twelve year old), I do end up liking different forms of art even more. For example, I used to hate dance. But now, I think it’s an amazing way to express oneself. Maybe I am just rambling, but this was something I have been thinking about lately due to some recent events. But if anything, I do realize I want to do more artsy things. I think I want to become better with the camera. I mean I do get complaints that I take horrible photos. Haha. Anyway, I will leave it at that.

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