I Close the Door

I wake up to an open door I thought I closed it before going to bed. A grown man, and I’m still scared of monsters. I still believe in them. They may come from the closest sources The mind, The heart, The soul. They lie inside waiting to strike. To steal the joys of life… Continue reading I Close the Door

December Adventures Seattle Part 4

In one of my adventures last December, I was exploring the city of Seattle, Washington. Here is Part 4 out of 4. Part 4: Planes and Magic. I am a fan of Harry Potter. Now, I wouldn’t say I am the biggest fan. I don’t play Quidditch—yes, people do play a game that is supposed… Continue reading December Adventures Seattle Part 4

Why I don’t trust News Articles about Science.

This was a recent topic of conversation among my friends and I thought I might as well write my two cents here for it. As the title suggests, I do not trust news articles about science, specifically ones that says, “New study reveals “blank”. The reason being, I tend to see a lot of articles… Continue reading Why I don’t trust News Articles about Science.