I Close the Door

I wake up to an open door I thought I closed it before going to bed. A grown man, and I’m still scared of monsters. I still believe in them. They may come from the closest sources The mind, The heart, The soul. They lie inside waiting to strike. To steal the joys of life… Continue reading I Close the Door

Let me drink in peace

I hate all the hatersI mean the true haterspeople that hate because it seems cool to hateLike chill, breathe, and just take one step backNot to say your opinion doesn’t matterBut let’s be honest it doesn’tYou’re trying to create meaning in your own life by pushing down on othersI don’t care about the stereotypeI don’t… Continue reading Let me drink in peace

It’s Not An Excuse To Nap

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. It might be because I am stressed. It might be because of my poor habits. it’s not a problem I drink so much coffee. And yes my phone can be a distraction. But I don’t think those things are the cause. Am I in denial? Of course not. Maybe. Possibly. Truthfully, I… Continue reading It’s Not An Excuse To Nap

I Will Find an End to My Problem

So I have this problemIt’s not an old problemBut it is now a chronic problemI see you going aboutDoing your thingObserving the worldAt least what’s your world All you want is to foodAll you want is sexI get that, I really do.the living revolves around the two But I hate you As much as I… Continue reading I Will Find an End to My Problem