I Will Find an End to My Problem

So I have this problem
It’s not an old problem
But it is now a chronic problem
I see you going about
Doing your thing
Observing the world
At least what’s your world

All you want is to food
All you want is sex
I get that, I really do.
the living revolves around the two


I hate you

As much as I want to respect you
As much as I want to respect all life
I hate you
You invade my world
You steal my food
And you are constantly in my sight
And what I’m about to do
I’ll be honest I do feel bad.
But I can’t have you exist no longer
I’m sorry but I have laid out my traps
Au revoir my fruit fly infestation au revoir

(But seriously all these fruit flies in my kitchen are driving me crazy and those tomato traps just don’t do the trick!!!)

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