Why the name change?

You know it’s funny. When I started this blog, it was just a space to record some fun stuff I was trying out. Then it became more medical school centered. I mean, school is a huge part of my current life, so I guess that change was only natural. However, I actually didn’t like it! I felt like my whole identity was becoming school-related. As much as I tried different things and try to tell them, I still felt stuck in a way.

To be short, this summer was much needed. While I continued my studies, after all, boards are important. I used a lot of my time to also travel with my family. I saw many wonderful things and experienced much more. Through it, I gained a whole new appreciation for the arts and more understanding of the different cultures in this beautiful world. Through it all, I started exploring more into various hobbies and activities such as photography. Though I don’t consider myself any good, I want to share them. To do so, I needed a space, a space that isn’t confined by one subject but can be literally anything I want. Thus, I chose this blog. I mean the beauty of blogging is that we, the creators, shape it to who we are and if the audience doesn’t like that, well I don’t plan on living off this, so who cares? I just hope that some people would find this blog entertaining, but I don’t want to sacrifice my voice through the process of appeasing others. And boom! the name change, the change to something more general. One thing that I constantly have to work on is shutting off my work brain. This is one thing my significant other always mentions. Like I keep mentioning with my posts, I hope this blog helps with that.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled on for too long now. To everyone that read this, even if it’s just one line, thanks! And to everyone that read this and liked it, even a bigger thanks! 🙂

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